Security Unit

Mr. Samuel Foluso Olanitori
Director, Security Service

Security Department


The Security Department is under the Vice Chancellor’s Office. The objectives are:

  • To protect lives and property within the community
  • To ensure the maintenance of law and order on the campus
  • To ensure that the movement of the members of the public to the campus is adequately controlled.
  • To liaise between the university community and the external security agencies on security issues.
  • To serve as a clearing house for all matters relating to security on campus.
  • To make the university conducive for both academic and non-academic activities

    The unit is being headed by the Chief Security Officer. He superintends over the activities of the unit. He is responsible directly to the Vice Chancellor of the university on the day to day running of the unit as related to the Protection of lives and Property on campus. He is being assisted by the Assistant Chief Security Officers who are in charge of Administration and Operation of the unit. There are other Senior Security Officers, Security Officers, Assistant Security Officers, Patrol Supervisors, Patrolmen and women that handle the activities of the unit.


    Administrative Section

    Operation Section

    Investigation Section

    Intelligence Section

    Recruitment and Training Section

    The Fire Section.


    It is a veritable fact that, FUTA has remained one of the most peaceful campuses in the country. It is also the best university of technology in Nigeria. No death of staff and students had been recorded as a result of the Security lapses for a very long time. The campus has been made condusive for academic and non-academic activities in view of the effective security coverage of the campus by the unit. It is quite obvious that, the activities of the unscrupulous students’ e.g. cultists, have been considerably check mated by the unit. The university through the security unit has zero tolerance for cultism, violence or any form of Terrorism. A high level of cordial relationship with External Security Agencies e.g Police, SSS, Civil Defense, Road Safety etc has been established and sustained by the unit.